About Us

The Midd Bike-Ped Coalition is a loosely-organized forum where people interested in improving alternative transportation options in Middlebury, Vermont can share ideas and information, connect with others, and organize projects. We are not an incorporated entity or formally affiliated with the Vermont Bike-Ped Coalition though we share similar goals and are simply working on an even more local level.

The primary aim of this site and its mailing list/discussion-forum is to increase the collaboration in the community around alternative transportation initiatives. Please join the mailing list to discuss projects, updates, and coordinate activities. If you are working on a project, contact Adam (adam at adamfranco dot com) and he will set you up with a project page where you can provide text, files, links, and more information about your project.

Please contact Adam (adam at adamfranco dot com) if you encounter any difficulties with this site or the mailing list.